One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill, Cornwall Park, Auckland
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  1. HansHB July 26, 2014

    Beautiful b&w photo, well done!
    My post:

  2. Amit Agarwal July 27, 2014

    Stunningly beautiful! Almost a painting in B&W!

  3. Dragonstar July 27, 2014

    Great composition, and I love the light on the fence against the dark background.

  4. Amy July 27, 2014

    Love this place! great shot!

  5. antonia July 27, 2014

    Great b&w graphic!

  6. LonettA July 28, 2014

    Brilliant in B&W! Wonderful play of dark and light!

  7. Pat August 2, 2014

    Beautiful composition.

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