Creepy space

creepy space

A weird retail development on Queen street looking creepy with the shutters closed still not open to the public.
It’s good to remember though, that this new development replaces the now demolished Methodist City Mission Chapel,  also known as the Aotea Chapel at the prominent Airedale and Queen streets corner. Obviously on Queen street, the material needs far outweigh the spiritual…
More information on this Timespanner page
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7 thoughts on “Creepy space”

  1. “Pure Chicness!”… liking much your clever interplay with elements. A visual treat! “Optical Illusion” very well depicted.

  2. The graphic is fantastic! For the spirit we have to look around, maybe is somewhere squeezed in the corner :)

  3. Great and creepy…cool :0) Great B&W. Also a lot of nice pictures further down on your site…was in Auckland and New Zealand last summer (2012) dreaming of going back :0)

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