Sulphur Point

Rotorua has a nickname Sulphur City, because of the hydrogen sulphide emissions, which gives the city a “rotten eggs” smell. The smell is especially pungent at Sulphur Point on Lake Rotorua due to the dense sulphur deposits in this area. You can see the almost white colour of the water. This is not too far away behind the Museum pictured in my yesterday’s post.

Postcard Rotorua


This is the Rotorua Museum of Art & History. It once was the Bath House, known as the “Great South Seas Spa”. A surprising range of celebrities came from all over the world to investigate the curative powers of the treatments administered here…
Rotorua, one of the country’s most popular tourist destination is a unique, special place… Steam rises from cracks, gardens and pathways and, the distinctive scent of sulphur permeates the air. Active volcanic and geothermal activity makes the earth rumble beneath yuur feet…