Buffalo at the Duder foothills

Buffalo at the Duder Regional Park foothills – Click image to enlarge

Good news for the Duder Regional Park! The Auckland Regional Council announced that it purchased extra land adjoining the park to protect it from the perils of development and subdivision. The addition to the park are lands running along the entry road and hills at the beginning of the Whakakaiwhara Peninsula.

Duder is one of my favourite parks and I can’t wait to walk the new additions!

the city


A gorgeous view of the city captured from Stanley Point in Devonport. Right in the middle, to the left of the Ferry building you can see Queens Wharf. Today the NZ government and the Auckland Regional Council purchsed the property for 40 mil. NZ Dollars to develop it as a recreational centre for the 2011 Rugby World Cup. Queens Wharf is currently a depot for used cars and ripening bananas.