On First Looking into Chapman’s Homer

On First Looking into Chapman’s Homer

A stunning sculptural installation by New Zealand artist Michael Parekowhai:
“On First Looking into Chapman’s Homer”.
It was New Zealand’s entry to the Venice Biennale 2011.
It is  currently exhibited in an empty lot in front of the NG Gallery in Christchurch, a haunting setting amidst the destruction and reconstruction work going around to rebuild the city after the earthquakes.
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You can see the colour version here

6 thoughts on “On First Looking into Chapman’s Homer”

  1. It’s almost like they were placed there to keep a watchful eye over the reconstruction. Very powerful image

  2. I love the comparison of the strength of the bull and the fragility of the piano, especially with Christchurch as a backdrop. What inspired placement!

  3. So these are the pianos I’ve been hearing about. How wonderful! I wish I could go see them. On a different note, I just learned that Parsons closed! What a shock!! I could not believe it, and probably can’t until the next time I am in AKL!

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