3 thoughts on “chance encounter”

  1. What do you think of her outfit?
    Oh no, dear. Will never do.
    The hair is all wrong.
    Oww, I agree totally.
    The all black with the black hair ..
    Not done is it …
    Not with such a dowdy ‘frock’, luvvie
    Oh dear me no. And that bag. Fer starters, the black ..
    Yes yes, just lack of thought. Should have taken her scarlet one.
    What was she thinking?
    And those sandals – cheap imports if I ever saw a pair.
    Ooo I think a pair of those mock romans, with the lacing and the rear zip.
    Yes, provide a lift. I agree. She certainly needs something.
    Poor luvvie. It’s all in the upbringing.
    I was just saying to my Harold this morning – young folk these days .. tut tut

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