Auckland Boys Grammar

Architects Arnold and Abbott  had just come back from a tour of Southern California, much impressed by the Spanish-Californian mission style architecture. They won the competition and built the Auckland Boys Grammar School between 1913 – 1915.
Every time I pass by, I compulsively start humming Hotel California by The Eagles and can’t help but thinking that this otherwise beautiful building looks a tad out of place…
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4 thoughts on “Auckland Boys Grammar”

  1. I can’t feel the “out of place”, I see only the beautiful sky and interesting children friendly architecture. I like the building and your picture!

  2. It looks very much like the old Spanish Californian architecture here in California… it’s some of my favorite architecture!!! Beautiful picture with that very beautiful sky against the very light building…

  3. Such a wonderful school building with interesting architectural details! Our school buildings in this city are quite simple and “boring” in comparison.

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