13 thoughts on “wood”

  1. So amazing of photo. A prizewinning shot & lovely wood for the theme.
    My word-verification is IKEA — this photo is sooooo NOT IKEA. Although I’ve bought many nice & functional wooden things from there.

  2. I love the texture of the driftwood but this time, I’m more in awe of the bird. What a fabulous red eye ring and beak!

    And I’m glad you were able to escape unscathed from her attack!

  3. A beautiful image absolutely ‘made’ by the bird and that gorgeous red beak. That driftwood has such wonderful textures and colours in it.

  4. This is a superb interpretation of the wood theme. The only thing worse than getting too close to an animal protecting its young is to get between the baby animals and the parent, especially if it is a large mammal.

  5. Thanks Ben,
    actually this one attacked me when I got too close. I had to throw sand to get it off me and of course run back..

  6. They are quite aggressive or try to keep your attention away from the nest some times. I cannot be board with them.

  7. Umm … do ya call this sand in NZed!!

    That splash of red is soooo effective and the driftwood looks like it is on the cusp of gobbling up said oyster catcher.

    This is an image so full of textures, Lachezar, the driftwood not the least of them.

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