2009 favourite

I’ve been after this piercing eye for years and hundreds of discarded photographs. This year I finally captured it.
And that’s why this is my 2009 favourite shot. A Gannet carrying weed for its nest at the Muriwai Gannet colony.

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19 thoughts on “2009 favourite”

  1. Very professional shot! I remembered it from your post – it’s really the favourite! Cheers!

  2. Perfection personified. Huge congratulations on a world class image and for persisting to get the shot you were striving for.

  3. One can see how this would have been a Holy Grail for you, Lachezar. The result is astounding in clarity, in colour, in composition.


  4. Oh my goodness, what a stunning shot. I’m bowled over. That eye is amazing – well the whole shot is amazing. Bravo.

  5. Excellent gannet shot! Great detail in the whites and as you say, that piercing look. A picture of speed and focus to be proud of.

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