All the time in the world. Whatipu, at the tip of theĀ  North Head of the Manukau Harbour – Click image to enlarge
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Today is Theme Day for the Daily Photo Community: “Waiting”
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34 thoughts on “waiting”

  1. I can’t recognize the pleasure, but obviously it’s no problem for the real fan to wait for hours (maybe even days!) The picture is magnificent – for me the best contribution to the December theme day! Cheers, Lacho!

  2. Gorgeous! I’ve seen several photos recently of New Zealand on other blogs–you have such a beautiful country. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Wo=hat an awesome photo, I do not like to fish but I wouldn’t mind being the person sitting there taking in that beautiful scene.

  4. Photos just don’t get any better than this! Perfectly composed, and the scene is splendiforous! And another great “fishing” portrait for theme day.

  5. Beautiful photo .. the scene is hard to beat, your composition is great. Like the others commenting .. I could wait a long time and enjoy it in such a beautiful spot.

  6. I don’t fish and I really don’t like waiting, but I can make an exception here, what a beautiful place to spend a few hours doing nothing at all!

  7. A perfect photo for theme day. The WAITING fisherman is dwarfed by the gorgeous scenery. Love the way you presented the figure in the photo.

  8. Your know what, the anti-spam I had to type to insert my comment was “connect” – pretty good for a theme day, don’t you think?

    Lachezar, the colour of the sea is just gorgeous and the cropping excellent. Great take on the theme.

    I used this occasion to catch up on your previous photos too. They are GRAND. Your photos were always top quality but over the past two years it seems to me your works has really evolved to EXCELLENT.

    The seagull fight over a fish shot is just perfect!

  9. Gorgeous array of blues in this photograph. I like how you have landfall clipping the edges of the image. The image of the human is dwarfed by the size and the beauty of the earth which puts us totally into perspective.

    A lovely contribution to our Theme.

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