Postcard Rotorua


This is the Rotorua Museum of Art & History. It once was the Bath House, known as the “Great South Seas Spa”. A surprising range of celebrities came from all over the world to investigate the curative powers of the treatments administered here…
Rotorua, one of the country’s most popular tourist destination is a unique, special place… Steam rises from cracks, gardens and pathways and, the distinctive scent of sulphur permeates the air. Active volcanic and geothermal activity makes the earth rumble beneath yuur feet…

5 thoughts on “Postcard Rotorua”

  1. Very “german” atmosphere (of course the both palms we will not take into account)! Cheers, Lacho!

  2. I really dig the architecture of the building! Your photo of it is great. There is the contrast between dark clouds and sunny garden and field, with the building in middle. Me likes. :)

  3. That’s a superb photo of the building! I wish I had taken more photos when I was there–guess it’s a good excuse to go back!

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