6 thoughts on “railway”

  1. Great parespective! I like the atmosphere and the contrast between old and new. Very philosophical picture!

  2. Lachezar – this has to be my most favourite shot of Auckland. Since the days of the steam engine I had traveled from Wellington to Auckland for holidays as a teenager. The station was a major part of every trip. This is a beautiful record of times gone by. To enhance the whole picture I am now viewing your photos on a Samsung 21.5″ screen, instead of my Vaio 9″ – I don’t have to tell you what I am experiencing! Stunning shot.

  3. What an interesting historical comment, as well as being a great photograph.

  4. Love the contrast of new and old as I can see the high-raised building in the background. Also the very interesting focus on the graffiti on the railway sleeper.
    It is also a great composition.

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