13 thoughts on “A hint of Christmas on Queen Street”

  1. Lachezar, this photo is indeed so full of local atmosphere and signs of the time I think it’s a brilliant take on the theme. Just like my photo had to be me, yours had to be you!

    I enjoyed catching up with your latest photos too, there’s as good as ever. Enjoy the coming of summer. Here we’re drowning in the abyss of winter and I hate it.

  2. I love this guy. He’s true icon.
    I wish we have lot’s more decoration around here in Nelson, may be little bit too early… I’m hoping.

  3. I love how you capture the essence of Auckland. I’ve been living in Auckland for the last 8 years and I love the way your photos capture the character and energy of the city and its surroundings!

  4. That has to be the largest Christmas ball I’ve ever seen. Great shot and strangely the shape of the ball is echoed in the man’s rather large stomach.

  5. Both this giant Christmas ball and the belly of the newspaper man are totally in theme with December’s theme.
    Great photo!!

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