6 thoughts on “Westfield downtown”

  1. I love everything about this photo. I am really interested in reflections right now. I think they add a natural layer (like the one you did last week), but I also like the people portraits in it. So great.
    Yes, I do like it, very clean. Ooooo, there I am in your favorites ! YES, i like it very much!!
    Happy election day to you. Can’t wait to see this pictures.

  2. Do I like the new template? NO! (Sorry) Your photo gets lost in the nothingness. Presentation was more effective before. That is what partly attracted me to your photos, the way they were presented, like in a wonderful frame. Now they are naked, unfinished.
    Lesley Expat Kiwi

  3. I found this photo is very good and interesting comparison in detail (The couple looks so happy with each other’s company and single looks so board….)

  4. The photo is brilliant! What a characters!
    I like your new template, the graphic is so sophisticated – actually all your pictures are magnificent and in your case the template is not important at all! Cheers!

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