12 thoughts on “Books”

  1. I like the reading nook & the spaciousness of the place. Excellent photo.

    (my anti-spam word was ‘ikea” – they are advertising everywhere :)

  2. Nice shot. Looks good for theme day.

    I forgot it was theme day. Duh. So I found a few of the books I wrote and posted pictures of them. A kind of collage of my stuff.

    Abraham Wesley Lincoln

  3. So peaceful. Just what a bookshop or library should be. Love that there is somewhere for a person to sit. And love your image in black and white.

  4. Bookstores have become a place to relax and enjoy friends in a cozy comfortable environment. And they make lots of money doing this … Good photo … the book store must be two levels.

  5. What a cosy atmosphere – perfect for choosing books. Wonderful black and white picture!

  6. Nice symmetric pattern, here. I like the B&W tone as well.
    I love the bookshops in AKL, there is a lot’s of good ones.

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