The Tuatara, only found in New Zealand, is as close as you get to a living dinosaur. After the 111 years old Tuatara named Henry made the New Zealand Herald and the CNN news by fathering 12 eggs, I decided to show you the one I photographed at the National Aquarium in Napier a couple of months ago. Not as old as Henry but still pretty good lookin’.

7 thoughts on “Tuatara”

  1. Well there you go! It’s not only South Africa that has interesting reptiles! Do you remembers the tree agamas in Swaziland?

  2. Great photo of an unusual reptile. I have scheduled for tomorrow a post of a close-up profile of a baby iguana. They are cute as babies. As adults, they also look like living dinosaurs.

  3. how fabulous. Love the photo. Now this is a real dragon unlike mine on Monte Carlo DP today! What a beauty you have shown us.

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