Sad dog


Right behind me is the Auckland Baptist Mission. Many homeless people go there for free food, to spend a cold night, to attend a church service or just to hang around. This dog belongs to one of the homeless that spends quite some time at the Mission every day. Most days you’ll find the dog under the shadow of some shrubs next to the Mission door. But today, as it was quite a cold day, he was duly “parked” on the sunny side of the street, sad and patient waiting for his master.

6 thoughts on “Sad dog”

  1. Love your photos – try and come by your blog everyday! Oh, this poor sweet dog…my heart just broke for him…but, at least a homeless person has someone who loves him…and shares his life.

  2. Hi Lachezar, your photos are fantastic! I’m currently putting together a website for Auckland Uni’s Environment & Society group, and I was wondering if it would be possible to use some of your photos in the website? The site is @ but isn’t uploaded yet. It would be great if you could let me know if this will be possible or not by email on zlan007 [at] ec [dot] auckland [dot] ac [dot] nz.


  3. Sad but I know dogs mean so much to homeless people. Pity the dog isn’t allowed in the Mission with his owner.

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