The Rangitoto Island.

Dear friends,
I’m going away on a 3 weeks holiday! I’ll be going to Bulgaria, my native country. Time and Internet connectivity permitting, I may be posting on my photoblog. See you back in Auckland in 3 weeks time! Until then I leave you with a blue skies image of the Rangitoto Island.

14 thoughts on “Rangitoto”

  1. Merci!!! Абе, не мога да се сетя от къде се познаваме, но ми стана приятно да видя нещо побликувано за мен чак в Нова Зеландия!!

  2. Your 3 weeks are up, mate. Did you happen to watch the game this morning and get totally disappointed? The weather is just as horrible down here this morning.

    Hope you had a great trip, though. Lots of new pics, I hope!!

  3. Just found your blog, dreaming of Auckland. We’re planning to move to Auckland next year. Your photos brought back the crisp feel of the beautiful city. Many thanks for a great blog.

  4. Dear Lachezar,
    I wish you a great trip “home” – or do you consider NZ home now? If you’re like me, there are always mixed feelings on that subject…
    I am in awe at your last series of photos, particularly the concrete man with the little boy watching it, the tui in the pink blossoming tree…

  5. Happy holidays! Hope you’ll be back with many wonderful shots. I don’t know anything about Bulgaria, only an artist, a painter, Varban Christov, who is now living in Vannes (FR)…

  6. I hope you have a fabulous time away, and when you get back, it’ll be summer!!! Sorry I haven’t posted the new shawls yet – I just can’t get good pics of them. I’ll try and you can see them when you get back.

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