7 thoughts on “Borders Bookstore, Queen Street”

  1. This is a great photo – hits me immediately. The sweep of the canopy the “borders” signs acting like signposts at either side, and the sweep of the people mirroring the canopy. The strange blurring on the figure at left caused by the time of the exposure adds mystery and slight surreal effect

  2. Oh, Jb, is that right? It’s a sad sad news.
    Borders were building new stored in Wellington last time I was there in centre of Wellington.

  3. That’s my favourite book store in Auckland. We (Meg and I) are always spending lot’s of our time there. I guess we should look around more instead of looking books? Well, we love books, CDs and DVDs in this store and we are really missing this kind of retail activity in Nelson.

    The photo is really great, I like contract and B&W treatment. It’s a night time right? Just great,

  4. Wow. I really love looking at your photos. My sister is moving out to New Zealand in July, so it’s nice to know she is going some where thats has amazing scenery, if you just look for it! Fantastic, keep it up.

  5. A very good everyday-life shot in b/w, framed by the two ‘border’ signs. I like to look at all the different people and their activities.

  6. This is a striking photo. I’m guessing that you used a wide angle lens. Very good sense of depth and space.

    The only time I’ve been in Auckland is to change planes on ANZ on my way to Sydney. Everyone I know who has been to New Zealand says it’s spectacular. Really must get there.

  7. NYT 23 March

    Borders said stores in Britain, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand would all be closed, adding that the overseas stores faced a “challenging” retail environment in Britain, which represents roughly 70 percent of its total international sales.

    Do you know when they’ll be closing?

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