13 thoughts on “The sail and the white cloud”

  1. This post card is just amazing . simply cldnt help saying “Wow”..

  2. Yes, the cloud, island and space are certainly impressive. There is another attribute which I notice here; the all pervading bluish light. I saw something like this years ago looking out to sea at the islands off the coast of Queensland from Bowen. I have a slide of it and perhaps I will post it some day. The experience is memorable. This lovely shot instantly reminds me of it.

  3. Good lord, I didn’t hear anything about an eruption up your way – glad it’s just the cloud!

  4. I like this, but I think the dark forground is distracting. I would like to see the composition concentrate just on the boats and the beautiful distant island

  5. This is an incredibly beautiful photograph and takes in such a vast expanse of water — a total wilderness to most people. I really like the cloud formation over the island.

  6. I rarely comment your photos but I always enjoy them. Perfection of your pictures doesn’t require words, I supposse :)

  7. From the summit of Rangitoto looking where?
    Do you know I took a cruise around Auckland harbour yesterday and sailed right past Rangitoto island?
    These places now mean something to me. It was beautiful.

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