The Ferry Building


An evening stroll along the waterfront with the Ferry Building as a backdrop.

The Auckland Ferry building was built in 1912. You can also see a portion of the Ports of Auckland’s red-painted wrought iron fence and lamps, which was built in several stages between 1913 and 1923. The original work was done to enclose Queens Wharf, then known as Queen Street Wharf.

My apologies for wrongly identifying the building as the Customs house in my original post!

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  1. As a fellow Kiwi, its great to see a daily blog about Auckland. Born in New Plymouth and raised in many different countries…I have returned back to good ole NZ several times and naturally have always entered through the gateway of NZ – Auckland. Is it true that someone cut down the tree on One Tree Hill?!!! If so what do the locals call it now?!!

    Greetings from Toruń in Poland!

  2. My great regret is to have visited the South island of New Zealand and not the Northern. I hope one day to come in Auckland too and in the meantime thank you to let mee see it in this way.

  3. it looks really wonderful. I love cute downtowns like this. I guess perfect place to have a cup of coffee somewhere:)

  4. Beautiful photo, Lachezar. I wish I took this.
    Great shine with warm evening light and Nice touch with people walking along.

    PS. Thanks for comment about my new toy. You are absolutely right about the man who took the photo and not the equipment. Also kind of funny you mentioned that equipment might help, which I also agree with you. I do not have expensive pro-lenses but It is far better than my trusty Canon G3 (which was not that bad with F2.0 lens). See how my photo improves or say same…

  5. Extraordinary picture, the sunset light is fantastic, and selectively applied brings forward the gates to the left and the background building. The fact that the girl looks to the left attracts our eyes there too, just where the bright red is !
    Brilliant, Lachezar !
    I really enjoy what you do.

  6. Customs House is on Customs St West. Now houses a duty free emporium, I believe.
    This is definitely the Ferry Building. Cin Cin on the ground floor’s a fine restaurant

  7. Nice photo, but that is the Ferry Building. It says so on the side if the building, as you can see, and I have taken several ferries to Devonport and elsewhere from there, so I am pretty sure.

  8. The sunset colours are beautiful. Not that you need to know but your picture compositions are fantastic.

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