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Ok, this is definitely not Auckland, and its not a public mailbox either, but I just couldn’t help myself…
This postbox made as a model of the house was captured along the Whanganui river, a dramatic setting even for a humble postbox…

The New Zealand movie, “River Queen” was shot along the Whanganui river, and if it is available in your local video store. I’d recommend it

Participating cities in the April 1st, 2007 theme day:
London (UK) Grenoble (France) Rotterdam (Netherlands) Greenville SC (USA) Hyde (UK) Villigen (Switzerland) Albuquerque NM (USA) Mazatlan (Mexico) Montréal (Canada) Stayton OR (USA) Shanghai (China) -Jing Arradon (France) Sequim WA (USA) Newcastle upon Tyne (England) Seattle WA (USA) -Kim Bastia (Corse) Minneapolis MN (USA) Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) Joplin MO (USA) Sharon, CT (USA) Cottage Grove MN [USA] Houston, TX (USA) -Candice & Megan Singapore – by Keropokman. Guelph, ON (Canada) Menton (France) onte Carlo, Monaco aples, FL (USA) Kyoto (Japan) Tokyo (Japan) Aliso Viejo, CA (USA) Cape Town (South Africa) Jakarta (Indonesia) Kitakami (Japan) Tel Aviv (Israel) Vantaa(Finland) Guadalajara (Mexico) Auckland (New Zealand) Nelson (New Zealand) Tuzla (B&H) Brussels (Belgium) Anderson, SC (USA) Lubbock, TX (USA) John, Melbourne, (Australia) Stavanger (Norway) Tenerife (Spain) Stockholm (Sweden) Boston, MA (USA) Not Strictly Seattle, Susan New York City, (USA), Ming the Merciless Paris [Eric], (France) Ampang (Selangor) Sydney (Nathalie) Australia ailea , HI (USA) Manila (Philippines) Sydney (Sally) Australia Cork (Ireland) Saarbrücken (Germany) Saint Paul MN (USA) by Carol San Diego, CA (USA) Mexico [POLY], (Mexico) Budapest (Hungary) Singapore (Singapore by Zannnie) Madrid [Dsole] (Spain) Nottingham (England)

20 thoughts on “Post box”

  1. Somehow I missed this on the 1st, but glad I finally found it. It is both unusual and an attractive post!

  2. Love Keropok Man’s comment! That person could be making miniature mailboxes for eternity!! LOL.

  3. Hey, this is cheating – only because I always wanted a cute house and a mailbox a miniature of the house. Lovely, though.

  4. That is really some mailbox! I can imagine if the house looks the same, it must be something too! Very beautiful colours and unique in this world of everyone being the same.

    BTW – my verification word is “Santa”. That’s got to be a good thing today, no? Even so close to Easter?

  5. And, if i saw well in the background, the owner made it like his real house, in scale-model. Bon dimanche, Lachezar.

  6. cute — no not the “anti-spam” comment word — that was “easy” — which finding a new comment for all the theme posts isn’t!

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