Homeless in Albert Park

A homeless man  shares a park bench with his dog one early morning in Albert Park downtown.  I stand to be corrected, but you don’t really see many in Auckland. A 2005 census data puts their number at about 150.  But what really surprised me was to find out that the politically correct way to call the homeless is “rough sleepers”. I find this to be really demeaning to their situation.

4 thoughts on “Homeless in Albert Park”

  1. Of course there aren’t so many homeless in Auckland or in the whole country. You know, estimaded population of entire New Zealand it’s about 4,178,000… (govt.nz). About how to call them I think that clochard, barboni, homeless or rough sleepers don’t make any difference: the point is to help them when necessary.

  2. That’s ridiculous! I think “homeless” is PC enough and it’s clear what situation the person’s in. “Rough sleeper” doesn’t make much sense really. Nice photo.

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