Theme day – Yeah right!


Tui is an iconic Kiwi beer brand.
This is an iconic Tui billboard.
Tui billboard advertising exploits the stereotypes of the typical Kiwi bloke culture – the independent, beer-guzzling, hard-working Kiwi male who values his mates over his chick, and never shows any emotion or concern for others.
This particular billboard echoes the popular sentiment about the ill timed Auckland City Council campaign to remove Billboard advertising from central Auckland.
And that’s what I really dislike: the Auckland city Council!

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14 thoughts on “Theme day – Yeah right!”

  1. Hee hee. Yeah, right, there are oh so many in Auckland. Have you ever actually had Tui Beer, though? I can’t remember if I have.

  2. Good one! Except I like my local council for many things (like providing me with swimmign pools, and effecient garbage collection for two) – but not stupid decisions!

  3. Well, I’m no big fan of billboards, but I can feel your pain about a city council you are in disagreement with. Love your photo! I think its one of the best ones I’ve seen so far in illustrating the theme well.

  4. I really like this post for the theme- nice photo, fun story, and I get kind of annoyed at the “tui” sentiment I see here, mostly in beer and pickup truck ads. Our version of the Kwi bloke, to some degree, is the “good old boy”. As in the lyrics to the Tammy Wynette country western standard “Stand By Your Man”. May be my favorite post today :).

    Sometimes its hard to be a woman
    Giving all your love to just one man
    You’ll have bad times
    And he’ll have good times
    Doing things that you don’t understand
    But if you love him you’ll forgive him
    Even though he’s hard to understand
    And if you love him
    Oh be proud of him
    ‘Cause after all he’s just a man
    Stand by your man
    Give him two arms to cling to
    And something warm to come to
    When nights are cold and lonely
    Stand by your man
    And tell the world you love him
    Keep giving all the love you can
    Stand by your man
    Stand by your man
    And show the world you love him
    Keep giving all the love you can
    Stand by your man

  5. Love it! I think hate can be extended to all local authorities (= jobs for petty minded little authoritarian, anally retentive, dickheads) worldwide

  6. Yes! Remove billboard from city? What are they thinking! It’s a part of city life, culture and all about big city.
    By the way, I love Tui ad.

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