9 thoughts on “Pretty as a picture”

  1. I love your photos but this is especially striking. From the angle I’m guessing it’s a mirror. If so, clever idea.
    I’m in the market for a new camera so could you tell me which one you use, please?

  2. I remember Rangitoto Island. It was one of our last real sights before we left NZ in 2001. We had a few hours before needing to return the hire-car to the airport and so wandered around the suburbs. I remember looking across from a viewpoint somewhere near Mission Bay. Looking down at the ground we saw it littered with cigarette ends and other stuff — just like at home, but it struck me that other places we’d visited in NZ there was no carelessly discarded litter.

  3. I’m been doing a lot of trying out, fussing, etc. with WordPress templates the last few days and the way your blog/template is set up is really nice. I really like it. And the photos! This one is terrific but I am in love with graffitti one below, the gray wall, the brilliant paint colors. Wow.

  4. Nice view, I like the idea of this frame.
    We used to live in North Shore. The first house we lived (rental) had a great view of Rangitoto island from lounge, until one of the neighbour built second story to block the view.

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