I have no idea what it means, but I liked the colours, decor and light. I’ll check the salads next year. Captured on High Street, downtown Auckland.

9 thoughts on “Toss”

  1. You must try one of their salads, so delicious. I recommend the salmon as a must ingredient as they cook it fresh on site daily!

  2. LOL! Ham took the words right out of my “hand” (cuz they’re on the KEYBOARD typing the WORDS!) ;-) I was just going to give the UK meaning…no need now! Fun shot! Oh! Love your Favorite too…very sweet! Happy 2007 from Santa Clara! -)

  3. Good shot! Making one’s own salad by choosing the ingredients seems like a great idea to me.

  4. Bonne année, bonne santé
    “Le temps passe, les années filent. Quand une nouvelle année commence, on se demande toujours si elle apportera la paix et le bonheur à chacun… Fermez les yeux et faites un voeu !”

    Good year, good health
    time passes, the years slip by. When a new year starts, one always wonders if it will bring peace and happiness to each one… Close the eyes and make a wish!

  5. Tena koe ehoa
    Toss refers to tossing the salad (mixing it together) in the process of making it. I really like the sahrp lines in the reflection…. awesome detail.
    Just wanted to wish you a happy and safe new year L.
    All the best!

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