One thought on “The queue is for…”

  1. Lisi said…

    that must be the most enjoyable part of a policeman’s job…nice photo!

    9:17 PM

    Jing said…

    oh,so lovely view of this one.
    and i like those final edit too!!
    so nice policemen and policewomen!!


    9:28 PM

    lynn said…

    Ah, cute!

    11:06 PM

    Kris said…

    a colourful scene, Children are such joy to look at .am sure it add a touch of fun to the policemen.

    11:37 PM

    Nathalie said…

    Never accept lollies from men you don’t know in the street!

    8:57 PM

    zannnie said…

    ohh a very nice shot of the children….:)

    2:54 AM

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