Auckland, City of Sails – lets enjoy the view whil…

Auckland, City of Sails – lets enjoy the view while we still have it.

6 thoughts on “Auckland, City of Sails – lets enjoy the view whil…”

  1. Magnificent view. Given the NZ´s stance on environment matters (at least, from what I hear here) the new stadium has no chance. You will keep your view as you know it and love it. Let them shove it!

    Greetings from Athens.

  2. Thanks,
    No, sailing is not for me. But being a ballast, that takes courage Denton!
    I just take the ferry to Devonport and back to enjoy the view…

  3. Love your very humorous comment Denton!!!
    Definitely upset about the council’s project. Why can’t they leave a promenade along the waterfront and build the stadium just a few metres back?
    Please let us know how the council voted!

  4. Beautiful photo and moment. Do you sail? The closest I have come to sailing was to act as ballast. You know, I was one of the fools who hangs by a rope on the edge of a boat while the sails are full with the wind and the world is leaning away from me.

  5. What a beautiful view. Can’t believe you could lose it.
    Coincidence ? I’ve got sailboats too in Sydney today…

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