5 thoughts on “The bus shelter mix’n match series I hope I d…”

  1. Didn’t bore me at all. I love the idea of doing a series on a topic. My favorite is the one with the white boots!

  2. I agree – fascinating subject matter for a photo series. Bus shelters really are like a mini-universe all their own, aren’t they? Now, of course, they are also used for advertising, and as restrooms, and as places to sleep off a long night at the bar…in addition to their designated use as a place to wait for the bus.

  3. Tena koe ehoa
    No boredom here L! I think this is an interesting subject for a photographic series but, I’m like that.
    Yes the question of “should a bus shelter provide just shelter” is a good one.
    The various forms of advertsing these days are not merely limited to the once only considered generalised mediums of TV and radio. Technology has diversified advertising and nothing is without possibilty of becoming a billboard, however small or big.
    I think the question although a great one for discussion, opens the door to so many other things for which comparison and percedence could be set. In short my own opinion and answer to your question is NO! But if the same question were asked of me twenty years earlier, I may have to concede my answer might be different?
    From this singular viewer of your photography I’m enjoying this series L!

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