The deep red of the umbrellas and the inviting…


The deep red
of the umbrellas


the inviting dim lights


the coffee shop
behind, bring
to life this


building in

7 thoughts on “The deep red of the umbrellas and the inviting…”

  1. Tena koe ehoa
    It’s the birthing of the cafe generation in retro styled architecture. Amalgamation or Dissemination? The overgrowth of society will quickly consume this edifice and the architecture will be lost to the clunk of cappucino cups and the clang of cutlery.

    The edifice is a masterpiece it’s styling reminescent and authentic. Why do we wait for them to near fall and then want them?

  2. I really like this photo (not to mention, the way you made the text work) and the photo just below. Very nice.

  3. maybe because of the umbrellas, maybe the curtains behind the windows but the building looks like nothing is parallel:)

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