8 thoughts on “Is real life no painting. It could have been anywh…”

  1. Tena koe ehoa
    I have undertaken an interst in the old edifices that are abundant still, along K road. Might release it soon. They are arcitectual glimpses of expertise and styling.

    Like this shot for it’s discontinuity. It non-repetitive in each pane viewed and carry with each it’s own expression.
    Cool synergy!

  2. Worth mentioning that it isn’t a painting, it’s just sooo over the top it’s absolutely fabulous. I love it!!!

  3. This is such an interesting image. I’ve enjoyed this stroll down K Road from start to finish, and some really surperb shots along the way. Kudos!
    PS-Thanks for your kind comments on Seattle Daily Photo! -K.

  4. Nicely framed, it makes you wonder what’s happening inside…. nothing to do with the last post I hope!

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