Nuffield Street, Newmarket at dusk. The Renovated…

Nuffield Street, Newmarket at dusk. The Renovated Mercury (old Powerboard) building on the left.

4 thoughts on “Nuffield Street, Newmarket at dusk. The Renovated…”

  1. I really, realy liked the Mediterranean Diary photos on your web page. The black and white make them look old, as if you visited these places 100 years ago. They are exquisite. Thank you so much for sharing them.

  2. Great shot–I almost missed the car speeding away in the forefront. Thanks for stopping my blog–and yes, you’re absolutely right–we do it to ourselves. At least we have the power to choose.

  3. New Market is so completely NEW now, I could not believe it. It was so very clean, just like in this and your previous pictures.

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