The HSBC building glows and lights up the intersec…

The HSBC building glows and lights up the intersection of Queen Street and Wellesley Street. This is my favourite route to the Auckland CBD, past the Auckland Art Gallery on the right. The view is breathtaking, so rich in layers, texture, styles and culture. Of course the ubiquitous Sky tower is towering above, but that’s a theme for another photo.

10 thoughts on “The HSBC building glows and lights up the intersec…”

  1. I almost feels as if the whole picture had been turned to black and white save for the two very colourful buildings in the middle. it’s fantastic. I love the composition

  2. Nice shot!

    My school was almost on top of Queen Street and I used to walk this way 2 or 3 times a day :-)

  3. Super shot! Really effective composition with the shock of colored buildings in the midst of typical grey city pallor. Kudos!

  4. “Restraint” shoud read “Restaurant”.
    The Chinese Restaurant may be still there, I haven’t checked it last week while I was there.

  5. The red-tower on this picture has a Japanese Restraint (IIRC), but I believe it was a Chinese Restraint in 10 years ago.

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