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The Lighthouse II

The Lighthouse – Looking towards the city
A viewing platform allows a view inside through the top window

Captain Cook at Parekowhai’s Lighthouse

A rather subdued Captain Cook at Michael Parekowhai’s Lighthouse.
Perhaps he’s pondering the the state of Auckland’s State housing or just why he’s been locked up…
The sculpture of Captain Cook by Michael Parekowhai is called “The english Channel”
Auckland Council’s take here

 Please see my entry to the “Weekend in Black & white” at Auckland Street Photo

The Lighthouse

This is Michael Parekowhai’s artwork “The Lighthouse” at Queens Wharf
You can read more about it here
More photographs will follow

Cruise ship

Cruise ship
A P&O cruise ship on Queens Wharf, Auckland
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Cruise ship in town

The P&O Pacific Jewel on Queen’s Wharf, just behind the Red Fence on Quay Street.
The Ports of Auckland’s red-painted wrought iron fence and lamps was built between 1913 and 1923.

the city


A gorgeous view of the city captured from Stanley Point in Devonport. Right in the middle, to the left of the Ferry building you can see Queens Wharf. Today the NZ government and the Auckland Regional Council purchsed the property for 40 mil. NZ Dollars to develop it as a recreational centre for the 2011 Rugby World Cup. Queens Wharf is currently a depot for used cars and ripening bananas.