Huia Lodge

Huia lodge at the Cornwall Park, Auckland
This is the chimney of Huia Lodge at the Cornwall Park in Auckland. It was built in 1903 as a hunting lodge for John Logan Campbell, owner of the then One Tree Hill estate that was operating the land as a farm. John Logan Campbell, one of the earlier traders in Auckland rose later to prominence and was known as the Father of Auckland. When it was announced that the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and of York would visit Auckland in May 1901 there was much concern that Campbell, as ‘the most esteemed citizen of New Zealand’, should be the mayor to welcome them. Campbell agreed, but only for the three months of the royal tour. This visit seems to have persuaded Campbell to give 230 acres of One Tree Hill as a park to the nation to be called Cornwall Park to honour the heir apparent.

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the Acacia Cottage

a170909-3002-1The Auckland Heritage Festival kicks off today, celebrating the 169th anniversary of the city’s founding.
The Acacia Cottage is one of the earliest surviving timber dwellings in the country and the oldest in Auckland. Built in 1841 this small timber house originally stood to the rear of the Shortland Street store run by William Brown and John Logan Campbell, two of the earliest traders in Auckland. John Campbell rose later to prominence, became Mayor, and was known as the “Father of Auckland”. The Cottage was moved to Cornwall Park in 1920, where it is now on public display. Cornwall park had been donated to the nation by Campbell in 1901.
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