My name is Lachezar.
I started this blog back in 2006 to be part of the worldwide City Daily Photo Community.
Since then, I have posted one photograph daily, or almost daily… to showcase this amazing, vibrant city that I love and live in.

7 years later, there are thousand of photographs on this blog archive, and I realise that I’m not doing a great job (at present) to showcase it all!
So I’m working to pick up the best photos, categorise and organise them into easy to browse galleries for you to buy a print or a license or simply to enjoy.

In the meantime, if you are looking for a specific photograph, be it of a building, street, landmark etc. please use the search box on the top right side of the page or just send me a message through the Contact form.

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  1. hamzah July 25, 2007


  2. Mick horgan August 11, 2007

    Great photos Lachezar – I’ve just spent an hour on your site and now I want to move to Auckland!

  3. directriz August 20, 2007

    Is possible use your pictures in directriz with the respective link?
    Tank you.

  4. emma September 3, 2007

    hi, i found your page via an internet search before i moved to auckland from scotland. i love your pics (i’m quite a critic as my mum is a photography lecturer!), thank you so much for sharing them! i’m in parnell, auckland now and loving it! x

  5. Jeff October 3, 2007

    Hi, Ive lived in Auckland all my life and lived in the CBD for the past year and a half, Your photographs beautifully capture the city and one can easily spend an hour on your site.
    I take a few snaps with the likes of a digital camera or mobile phone but I would definitely like to get into photography with an SLR in the future… as it has been 3 years since I last used one.

    In full support of your artistry.

  6. maki October 11, 2007

    Hi, I live in Tokyo. I’ve been Auckland and another cities/towns in NZ 2 times. Your photographs are wonderful and beautiful. I rememberd my great journey. I hope to go back again in NZ! :-)

  7. Domenico January 9, 2008

    My best congratulations!
    I came to Auckland five years ago and still I’m here, loving this city and making it my place.
    Your pictures catched quite weel the spirit of the city, that strange aucklander mix of urban life stile and the country just next door …but with a beautiful, poetical touch. Your strong sensivity lies in all those delicate colours, textures and shadows displayed in all your pictures.
    I can spend a long time watching your pictures, just telling to myself: “wonderful, this is my beloved city”

    Thank you, a lot….


  8. glenda January 23, 2008

    I need some Auckland photos identified. Can you help please? Reply privately thanks