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Last light at the Ferry Building

Clocks went back, and it’s getting darker earlier.
This is the last afternoon light at 10 to 6 at the Ferry Building in Downtown Auckland.
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the Ferry building

the Ferry building, captured in a late afternoon coming back from Devonport

coffe & the Ferry building

The Ferry building seen through a new coffee kiosk oposite Britomart.
For a Google Maps live view of this location, click here.

The Ferry building

Dramatic clouds and light at the harbour. The ferry building in the background.

The Ferry Building


An evening stroll along the waterfront with the Ferry Building as a backdrop.

The Auckland Ferry building was built in 1912. You can also see a portion of the Ports of Auckland’s red-painted wrought iron fence and lamps, which was built in several stages between 1913 and 1923. The original work was done to enclose Queens Wharf, then known as Queen Street Wharf.

My apologies for wrongly identifying the building as the Customs house in my original post!

Ferry Stop

The Ferry Stop at the Ferry building

Cruise Ship on the street

A Cruise Ship on Queens Wharf – Quay Street with the Ferry building in the background
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