Up close and personal, found him walking along a hedge on a small Auckland street
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  1. Dragonstar October 7, 2017

    Absolutely beautiful photo! Obviously you should NEVER be without your camera!

  2. Stefan Jansson October 7, 2017

    Nice, they can be shy sometimes. I have a few living at my place and even the cat respects them.

  3. Sasa (Slovenia) October 7, 2017

    waw … the most beautiful photo of Hedgehog I ever saw. and so cute :)

  4. Meg October 7, 2017

    So THAT’s what they look like while 3D!

  5. klara October 7, 2017

    great close up.

  6. kwarkito October 7, 2017

    He is so cute, so expressive. What a wonderful close up.and the perfection of your black and white,and the perfection of your black and white fascinates me. We almost see you in the eye of the hedgehog.

  7. riitta k October 8, 2017

    I love your hedgehog – such a great photo.

  8. Amy October 10, 2017

    awww what a cutie

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