12 thoughts on “Cold…”

  1. Lovely B&W photo. Although the motorcycles are the largest things in the photo, it is composed so that our eyes are drawn to the people in the background.

    I’m wondering how cold “cold” is in Auckland. I figure it is based on what one is used to. In the Spring, 50ºF (10ºC) feels warm in the NE U.S., but in early fall, it feels cold.

    When I lived in Brazil, sometimes it would rain for days and even though it would never go below 55ºF (about 13ºC) I felt like I was freezing. When I put on clean clothes, they felt like they had been soaked in cold water and not quite dry. I never thought it could get that cold 10º from the equator.

  2. yes it’s been cold up here too, the people in the background of your photo are hudddling into their warm coats.

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