Cafe Chairs

Cafe Chairs

Cafe chairs on a rainy Auckland morning
The City Daily Photo theme for March is “Cafe Chairs”. Click here to see thumbnails of all participants.


  1. Tanya March 2, 2013

    interesting how they are sitting on a hill..seems a bit uncomfortable!

  2. Grace March 2, 2013

    These cafe chairs are so lucky to be beside such a handsome old building and standing on on old cobble stones. Lovely image for today.

  3. Joanne Power March 2, 2013

    love the building but not sure about sitting on that slope…
    Happy Theme day

  4. Gunn White March 2, 2013

    I would have enjoyed sitting inside. Looks cosy, nice and warm.
    The chairs are stylish.

  5. krisz fu March 3, 2013

    the interior through the window looks gorgeous, I would opt for inside for sure :)

  6. Valladolid Daily Photo March 3, 2013

    Like your choice for the theme day.

  7. antonia March 6, 2013

    For sure it’s hard to balance on this slope but your picture is great!

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