Whatipu Terns


  1. Gemma Wiseman October 20, 2012

    Love those spread wings as if gathering the other terns on the rocks together! Lovely!

  2. HansHB October 20, 2012

    Great B&W composition, – well done!

  3. Laura Hegfield October 21, 2012

    amazing contrasts… wonderful composition!

  4. NatureFootstep Photo October 21, 2012

    a great bw shot of a goodlooking tern. :)

  5. Dragonstar October 23, 2012

    Excellent action photo. I love the detail of the tern about to land and the food in its beak.

    I’m sorry to have been so long visiting – a bad weekend.

  6. antonia October 27, 2012

    Amazing picture – magnificent in black and white! The wings of the flying bird are so elegant!

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