14 thoughts on “Coromandel Fence lines”

  1. That is one loooong fenceline, surrounded by beautiful scenery captured in the best possible light. Great shot, Lachezar.

  2. How incredible. From the thumbnail you can’t see the fence, at least I couldn’t. As Kate said, the Great Wall. Fabulous image and perfect for today.

  3. Incredible length. Is it metal or wood. Would hate to have to paint it! Yes, my first thought was also the Chinese Wall

  4. Yes, the first cultural thought of mine was the GWoC, too. Like there, here I pity the poor fencing contractor. But, not the photographer! what joy it must have been stepping out the angle, to get that light so very well captured. What joy it must have been waiting for the shadows to creep and fill, just so. Quite gorgeous, Lachezar.


  5. An amazing fence indeed. I think many of us out there will find yours hard to beat. The great wall of China definitely comes to mind.

    And would you believe ? the anti-spam word I have to type is Ikea – that brings me to the idea of an Ikea DIY fence, hundreds and hundreds of metre-long units connected to each other like a never-ending bookshelf….

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