Christmas in July

This is a photograph that I would normally take in December and use it as my Christmas Postcard. This is when the Pohutukawa called the New Zealand Christmas Tree blooms. I took this photograph on July 23rd in the small town of Matakohe, in New Zealand’s Northland. Blame it on the warmer than usual winter this year or global warming. In any event it was a beautiful sight to see and photograph, particularly with the bees busy doing their job.
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7 thoughts on “Christmas in July”

  1. Absolutely beautiful. A real treat whatever the cause of the early blooms.
    We’ve been having a cool summer…blame it on ??

  2. It is a glorious bush made more beautiful by your splendid photograph. And I see some bees are intent on spreading its beauty into other parts of the gardens.

    A lovely postcard which I appreciate very much. Thank you.

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