10 thoughts on “the beach”

  1. OK…now let me just say this is one of the finest photos of a sky and beach I’ve ever seen. It belongs in a fine arts museum. The flow of the clouds across the water, the dark mountains, and the calm sea combine for a superlative scene.
    Do you have a photography guild or photo museum in New Zealand that takes black and white submissions? I think they would be thrilled to have such a photo on their walls.
    David/ Houston B&W

  2. Lovely!!! I love it in B&W…great contrast! Looks a bit like you might have done a bit of HD effect…am I right??? or did you enhance the contrast???

  3. This shot is so awesome I think it could be in a gallery on display and for sale. It is one amazing capture. The parent and child standing at the edge of the surf with that gorgeous sky overhead is just too beautiful.

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