Cape Brett Lighthouse

The Cape Brett lighthouse stands at the Southern entrance of the Bay of Islands at nearly 150 meters above the sea on the cape named by Captain Cook in 1769 in honour of Rear-Admiral Sir Piercy Brett.
The Lighthouse is 14m high and was first lit on the 21st of February 1910. This light was unique in that it was the first light of three in New Zealand to utilize mercury bath technology. This allowed the light to revolve with less resistance at a rate of two flashes every 30 seconds with a visibility of up to 30miles (48km) away.
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  1. Wow, unique creature, but not quite visible at daytime. You have to make one night picture :)

  2. Interesting information. I know very little about the mechanics of lighthouses, but this one is obviously worth noting. In spite of its size, the surrounding scenery makes it look tiny. It’s a beautiful place.

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