Karangahape Rocks

“I made a rocky seaside of water and rocks, with people sitting beside them, for the people who use this park”
Said Greer Twiss about hisĀ  sculptureĀ  in Pigeon Park at the corner of Karangahape Road and Symonds Street.
The work was commissioned by the Auckland City Council and installed in 1968.
It is actually a fountain, but I’ve never seen water running, or perhaps the cuncil forgot to turn it on altogether…

4 thoughts on “Karangahape Rocks”

  1. I seem to remember (showing my age here!) that they did have it as a fountain in the beginning, but passers-by were getting splashed on windy days so they turned it off.

  2. I’ve hard about that story recently. While I was living in Auckland (95-96), I also never seen it as a fountain.
    Great photo, BTW.

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