the Tenin technique

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Chasing the “Tenin Technique”, I put my camera on the step of an escalator travelling down (not a good idea, don’t try this at home!) and kept the shutter button depressed. Above is the unexpected result, a random life freeze frame reinventing the reality of every day’s life at Khartoum Place in central Auckland.

My personal thanks to Eric for introducing me to the wonderful Daily Photo community!

Today the Daily Photo community pays tribute to Eric of Paris Daily Photo by emulating his shooting technique.
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19 thoughts on “the Tenin technique”

  1. It’s an interesting photo – but couldn’t you get get a similar effect from just holding the camera? I love candid shots.

  2. Hey Lachezar, I finally found the time to look at all the touching tributes that you all did for my blog anniversary. Thank you very much.

    Very nice photo (I love the black and white).

    Thanks again.

  3. Interesting shot, I don’t think I will do that though but nice capture all the same. Thanks for sharing:)

  4. I’d never came to the idea to put my camera on an escalator step! I’m not so brave :) But the result is great! Wonderful picture for the theme day!

  5. People gives always a spesially life in pictures, and so great to see from your place.
    Nice weekend.

  6. Lovely idea, nice shot.

    Have been looking at the pic for a while and several of the people that walks looks down. Why is that? People doing that across the world, it would be nicer to look up and give away a smile. =)

  7. Very nice. I see lot’s of interest. People, reflections and many object in the space. Nicely tilted as Eric does often as well.

  8. This is just charming and a lovely take onthe Tenin technique. You were brave! I won’t be trying that. The result tho is a lovely shot and lovely tribute to Eric.

  9. Oh, that is just way amazing! I’m glad you thought of it tried it out. Great results, and I love the reflection your caught to the left. It is a scene full of life. Looks super in B&W. Love your creativity and thoughtful tribute shot.

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