5 thoughts on “St Patrick’s Cathedral”

  1. Very interesting architecture collection. I have somehow an “out of time” feeling. Nice shot!

  2. A very unusual juxtaposition, I must say. Both are amazing structures in their own right, but I’m not sure about their being together. I feel like some aliens landed just to go to church service. :P

  3. Very interesting composition…but I have to say that what caught my eye first was the large building on the right…it looks very much like a building here in Glendale California…one of those towering new ones that are on the north end of Brand Blvd…kind of overshadowing the rest of the boulevard with it’s early and mid century architecture….

  4. Not sure how to react to this image. I love the juxtaposition, just that it makes me angry. Not so much angry as sad, I guess. However, time causes changes and what was beautiful to one generation is less so to another.

    My only consolation is that St Patricks could last another 150 years, whereas I cannot see the Sky Tower lasting that long.

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