7 thoughts on “old wood”

  1. Wonderful pictures! The colours are so vivid. Makes me want to jump on a plane and head right back there!

  2. I spent a lot of time at whatipu as a kid and have been really impressed by your shots. Looks so much more appealing than the snow her in manchester.

  3. man I miss the tones in the sand of New Zealand beaches

    the sand here in Sydney is so plain and boring

    this and your puffer fish photo really make me want to come home to NZ for a couple of weeks in winter to just walk along the beaches to see… yes thats it just SEE


  4. Loike this! Especially the streakiness of the black as it hangs onto the sand to avoid being swept out to sea. What is the black? Bauxite of some kind?

    The bit of timbrt is a good focus for the rest of the photo. Everything looks so old and worn and at the end of a very long life.

    Just terrific, Lachezar.

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