6 thoughts on “at the beach”

  1. Still, relaxing and lazy – the sea, the people (even the dog), the atmosphere. Magnificent picture!

  2. We spent our California New Year’s Day today at the beach so I can’t claim to really know what a white Christmas is like…but it sure has become a part of our culture up here in the US!!!

    It certainly was not as warm today at the beach as it must have been down under…but we certainly did have a beautiful day!!!

    Happy Warm New Year!!!

    (If you all are “down under” are we “up and over”???)

  3. hah! My word verification is “wave”.

    How about that totally dressed couple with a dog and a kid. Love the horizontality of the horizon. Even if that is not a proper expression!

  4. On Christmas Day, we were outside with plastic sleds on the snowy hill behind my parents-in-law’s house wearing snowpants, winter coats, scarves, mitten, hats and boots!

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